The student organization BEST Niš invites you to apply for one of the 14 academic courses in order to complete your knowledge and spend a dozen unforgettable days with students from all over Europe. The only cost you bear is the road to the city where the course is organized. And the only condition for applying is that you are a student at the University of Nis. Registration started and runs until May 7, 2017.

What do you get if you sign up?

Preparation of experts from different fields. Courses are an ideal opportunity for students to learn something new from areas of interest, such as architecture, aeronautics, programming, etc. In addition to these technical courses, there are courses related to communication, teamwork and leadership development. The lecturers are experts, who will try to transfer their knowledge in the best way possible. All lectures are in English, so this is a great opportunity for another kind of training. After completing the course, checking the knowledge is done, and if you do, you will get a certificate. Colleges often recognize these certificates, so you can get 0.5 to 2 ESP points.

-Tourism, accommodation and socializing. In addition to learning a lot, you will have the opportunity to visit the city where this course is held. The course organizers will try to bring you closer to the beauty of their city, so if you have always dreamed of visiting cities such as Rome, Barcelona, ​​Brussels, Krakow, Helsinki and many others, this is an ideal opportunity for you. Accommodation and food are provided. In addition to all this, you will have the opportunity to socialize and work with peers from different European countries, to get to know their culture and to present your own best way!

How to apply?

If all this is interesting to you, you can choose a course from the list of courses and sign up at https://best.eu.org/courses/list.jsp. Previous experience is not necessary, but when choosing a candidate, only your motivation and desire to go to that city is crucial and find out more about the topic you are applying for. The only thing you need to do is to be creative and write a motivation letter. You can find help for writing a creative motivation letter on our https://best.eu.org/courses/howToWriteAMotivationLetter.jsp.