BEST Week is an event which has set itself a goal of introducing people to certain areas and skills, which may prove to be invaluable in their future formal and informal education. Through a series of lectures, workshops and competitions, our task is to help the students to expand and improve, not only their theoretical knowledge, but also its practical implementation in real life applications. Besides that, this event also has a goal of motivating young people to become young activists, by working in youth organisations, which will be represented on this occasion.

Our task is that participants acquire theoretical knowledge in the workshops into practice. They will be held by experts and licensed lecturers with a lot of experience and who knows what is currently on the market. The ultimate goal is for participants to develop after training, or advance knowledge and skills from a particular field.

Areas which BEST Week comprises are: techniques of supermemory, the process of writing a scientific research paper, marketing, complementary skills, information technologies. The event is designed so that one or more topics are processed one day. In this way, we will enable the participants to decide for the processing of various current and important areas of science and culture, which are in the sphere of their interests.

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