EUROBOT is an international youth competition (predominantly students) in the field of robotics that is held every year in another country. The first competition was held in 1994 with nine teams from four countries, while last year around 50 teams from 30 countries gathered. Only three teams from each country can take part in the competition.

The competition takes place by creating a robot with completely new features every year. The EUROBOT Judicial Committee in September formulated a task for which team resolution should be realized next year by robots. The realization of such devices is a very serious and complex task, so students make a great effort to bring them to the competitive level.

This year’s EUROBOT Serbia 2017 competition took place in Novi Sad on April 9th. Teams from the Faculty of Technical Sciences, MSM-RV, M41 + and Memristor, won the first three places and placed in the final EUROBOT 2017 competition in France. Team M41 + won second place, Memristor sixth and MSM-RV tenth place. At the Eurobot competition, representatives of Serbia participated 16 times and have always had a remarkable success, making the Republic of Serbia one of the most successful countries.

You can hear more details about this at a workshop that will be held on October 13, 2017. at the Center for Innovative Entrepreneurship of Youth at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Niš. Microsoft representatives will explain to you more closely how this works, to discover the topic of EUROBOT 2018 and in an interesting and creative way with you to go through all the steps necessary for success!

The general promotion of the conference will be held on 09th October, 12:00h at the Faculty of Electronic Engineering.