Who are we?

Local BEST group Niš (LBG Niš) is a member of a huge network of over 93 local BEST groups from universities all over Europe. We strive to help students develop their potentials and to become more internationally minded. Our members have an opportunity to improve themselves through working and participating in numerous projects we organize. From FR, PR, HR and IT our sectors provide much needed experience, practical and soft skills for students. We organize academic courses and many other events all over Europe, which gives students an ability to travel and meet new cultures at minimal cost.



BEST helps students to achieve an international mindset, to reach a better understanding of cultures and societies
and to develop the capacity to work in culturally diverse environments.
BEST creates opportunities for personal development of students and
supports them in reaching their full potential.



People understand and respect different cultures and societies. The environment of empowered diversity supports
people in applying their full potential and acting responsibly.

About BEST Nis

We are a specific group of motivated volunteers with a strong focus and a clear mission. We live and breathe BEST spirit which encompasses professional and personal improvement, developing interculturality, practicing team work and organizing events. We treasure and value a sense of community and belonging, holding together through all adversities of student life like one big family maintaining motivation in innovative and fun ways, for who works a lot deserves to party a lot!


Job Fair

Job Fair started as an aspiration of our organization to offer support to students in finding their employment after the studies or internship during the studies. Mentioned support consists of giving insight in what are preconditions that companies expect from a new employee and developing awareness among the students about the problems one might face during the faze of finding employment. Searching and aspiring for a high-quality work place in the chosen profession is a mayor and essential part of every individual’s awareness. A significant number of young enthusiasts, ambitious and work-motivated people graduate from universities in our country every year. In the end, we are striving to connect these young people with companies while they are studying and help them build successful careers.


EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) represents competition of more teams whose members are students that are trying to solve set problem in the best possible way, in terms of price, creativity and performance. Key points of success are good communication between team members, creativity and ingenuity. The competition is usually organized into two categories: Case Study – Where competitors have to find a hypothetical solution for a given technical or management problem. Victory depends not only from the quality of the solution but also from the quality of the presentation. Innovative Design – teams are assigned a practical problem that they can view from several aspects, then they will design, present and argue their innovative solution while making some kind of prototype. The focus is no longer only on the mechanical performance of the solution, but also on the degree of its innovation, effectiveness, and efficiency. The EBEC Engineering Competition is held at three levels – local, regional and European.

BEST Course

During our existence, we organized eleven international summer academic BEST courses. All courses are held in the period from 20-30. July and students from the University of Niš, as well as students from all around Europe, have the opportunity to apply and learn something new to the given topic of the course. Lectures are held by professors and representatives from companies that are leaders in the field which the topic of the course encompasses. Our last course was named “A Blockchain Reaction”.

BEST organizes courses on an international level and our students have an opportunity to apply for any of our courses all over Europe. Courses are organized during the whole year and there are summer, autumn, winter and spring courses. You can learn more about BEST courses at: https://www.best.eu.org/courses/


Apply for an interview to become a member of our great family!



BEST – as the name applies is the best way to make your university life unforgettable!
“You must join BEST, it’s awesome!” were the words that my older brother used to describe BEST when I was starting university.
I wanted to try it out and definitely that was one of the best decisions of my life.
BEST taught me something that no professor, no course and no book could ever do! BEST taught me how to organize my time, how to be a part of a team, how to lead a team, how to care about people, how to encourage, how to commend people or give a suggestion how to do better, how to travel with only a backpack, how to compress 48 hours of time in a single day of 24 hours… BEST taught me how a family made up of 40 different people works together gathered around the same fire. BEST is responsible for many lifelong friendships, people dear to my heart, unforgettable memories, hugs and tears!
BEST is a way of life where you hug together with 300 more people from Las Palmas to Ekaterinburg, from Reykjavik to Isparta and you sing “Simply the BEST” till 4 am!

You must join BEST, it’s awesome!

Non-formal education is often put in the background, but I know a lot of people who have based their whole careers on non-formal education which they acquired within a student organization. For a complete university experience, experience gained in student organizations is necessary, along with teamwork and realization of innovative ideas, through numerous projects, new friendships and the constant pushing of boundaries of your comfort zone. That’s what BEST provides.

I joined BEST because of personal development, and I stayed because of BEST spirit.

While experiencing foreign I found myself. Travelling and meeting other cultures gave me an opportunity to see different perspectives, get out of my comfort zone, and to become a more relaxed and resourceful person. There is no better way to reassess your way of life, then when a total stranger asks you about your culture and why you do things the way you do. At first, there’s a wonderful answer “I don’t know”, which later transforms into “AHA!”.

BEST helped me find myself through other cultures, travels and work. And I don’t intend to stop looking at the world and finding myself.

And as we say in BEST: “See you around Europe”