Super radio is an independent, non-profit radio station of the civil sector. It was created on the initiative of the founder of the Association of Citizens “Center for the Advancement of Social Consciousness – Super Citizen”, otherwise long-time media workers.

Our program is directed at people who are not subject to the moment popular, they can not be fooled by easy fun and the illusion that everything is beautiful and pink. This applies both to the program and to the musical part of our ether. Of course, that does not mean that we fell asleep in the 20th century and we do not intend to reconcile ourselves with the fact that the new millennium has long come. We follow domestic and global social trends, we live for tomorrow, only with the intention to give our contribution, that it will be better tomorrow!

If you appreciate and love to listen to quality rock music, you want to, besides the well-known and already proven good ones, hear quality performers who have not yet affirmed, if you are for “popped” pop music, guaranteed without a triloger – then our address ( is the right place for you.

We learn from the naphthalene of the accomplishments of people, which we should not forget, we are talking about the procedures to be ashamed of, but also about those that need to be exercised more often. We support young and old, extreme and insufficiently popular, talented and smart – who do not know “real people” who do not have “enough time” for success, who have not chosen the “right political option”!

Meaningful and purposeful social engagement of Nišli, cultural underground in daylight, musical decontamination – this is our ultimate destination.

It is important that you know that we are a group of enthusiasts, groups ready to “devour your story” to the end. We are supported by people who think similarly, those who support us and those who are willing to join us.

If you have high quality ideas and good intentions – JOIN US!