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Data Science Conference 3.0

Data Science Conference 3.0 will be held in Belgrade on 21st and 22nd of November 2017. Microsoft Development Center Serbia will cover all fees for limited number of students from University of Nis and University of Kragujevac. This conference’s focus is on contemporary data science, especially for visualization of data, Big Data, machine learning, use of Data Science in marketing, finances and other departments, information engineering and artificial intelligence.

Undergraduate and postgraduate students from University of Nis and University of Kragujevac can apply for covered fees. Microsoft Development Center Serbia will not cover transport and accommodation fees during the conference.

All interested students can send their motivational letter and CV to mdcsinfo@microsoft.com and the deadline is Thursday, November 9th.

More information about conference here.


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Team M41+ shared their experiences with us from Eurobot competition

This years’ competition Eurobot Serbia 2017 was organized in Novi Sad on April 29th.Teams from the Faculty of Technical sciences, M41+, Memistor and MSM-RV had won first three places and guaranteed their participation in the final round of Eurobot competition held in France.Team M41+ which counts 14 members, won the second place. Team members Aleksa, Milos and Mihailo shared their experiences with us:

1.How did you hear about Eurobot competition?
Students from Department of Mechatronics have to build a robot for this competition’s national round. It’s a part of an exam, so the part of our team had to participate in it.

2.What motivated you to apply?
Like we said, senior students of mechatronics have to compete. In 2016 they were very successful so they decided to continue competing and welcome younger students to the team. We wanted make something from the knowledge we got from our faculty.

3.What were your expectations?
We had pretty high expectations for the national round because some of our team members have been competing since high school, but for the final round we wanted to share our experiences with other teams from Europe and test our skills.

4.What was your task?
We had to make two autonomic robots which had to score more points on the desk 2x3m than the other teams’ robots. Topics and rules are different each year.


5.Do you consider that you had knowledge as equal as your competitors?
Knowledge that we got from the faculty is equal but what makes difference is our strong team spirit and love towards robotics.

6.Was the knowledge you got from the faculty enough to complete this task?
That is just the basic of we need for the good result. If you want to succeed you have to learn constantly and upgrade your skills.

7.Did this competition offer you new opportunities?
Of course it did. We met a lot of new people and it’s a great thing to put in CV.

8.Would you recommend others to apply?
Absolutely. It was an interesting experience which is good for you and your career.

9.Did you make any new friendships?
Except the friendship we have inside our team, we met a lot number of students from Europe with whom we keep in touch with.


If you want to find out something more about this team visit their website.
We hope that the experience of team M41+ motivated you to apply for Eurobot competition.

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Summer School in Petnica – with machine learning to innovation

Microsoft Development Center in Serbia and Petnica Research Center are organizing summer school “Machine Learning”, from July 21 to 30, 2017.

Microsoft Development Center in Serbia and Petnica Research Center invite interested students to apply for participation in the International Summer School “Machine Learning Petnica Summer Institute”, which will be held from July 21 to July 30, 2017.

Participants of the seminar will have the opportunity to deepen their knowledge and understanding of machine learning through intensive all-day activities that include both theoretical and practical work. The International Summer Seminar will be held in English.

All interested students of technical and natural faculties can apply for the Summer School of Machine Learning in Petnica, especially those in the final years of elementary studies and graduates. Knowledge of programming and / or mathematics is desirable and will be considered a plus.

As one of the most innovative branches of computer science, machine learning is a set of programming techniques that allows computers to extract correctness from existing data, based on which they independently make complex programs that can then “lock” themselves and make predictions on completely new data.

Seminar participants will be able to learn and work on many interesting projects based on machine learning, such as identifying key features of a person with photos, creating artificial images, text-based text detection, automatic language recognition based on a short text example and many other tasks.

The deadline for applications is March 13, 2017.
For more information, see the PSI website: ML http://psiml.petnica.rs/

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