A group of young, ambitious people, with the common goal of improving their knowledge, skills and abilities meet for two weeks, organizes numerous trainings from different areas, motivational weekends, trips and socializing in order to improve the work of their local BEST group. They have a wide range of occupations that contribute to accrediting in different fields and thus improve themselves.

Executive Board

<center>Natalija Tonić</center>

Natalija Tonić

<center>Sava Stojanović</center>

Sava Stojanović

<center>Igor Vučković</center>

Igor Vučković

<center>Marija Šulović</center>

Marija Šulović

Responsible for media relations

<center>Stefan Grozdanović</center>

Stefan Grozdanović

Responsible for relations with companies
<center>Mateja Simonović</center>

Mateja Simonović

Responsible for human resources
<center>Dušan Bošković</center>

Dušan Bošković

Responsible for information technology

Supervisor Board

Stefan Rajković

Stefan Rajković

<center>Bogdan Ilić</center>

Bogdan Ilić

<center>Suzana Popović</center>

Suzana Popović

Assistent functions of the executive board

<center>Natalija Mitić</center>

Natalija Mitić

<center>Uroš Živković</center>

Uroš Živković

<center>Nikola Stanisavljević</center>

Nikola Stanisavljević

Assistant person for company relations