Microsoft Development Center Serbia (MDCS) is founded in 2005, as the fourth development center of Microsoft on the global level. MDCS specializes in software engineering and applied mathematics and currently employs 200 highly qualified engineers.

MDCS is created with a mission to take an active part in conception of novel Microsoft technologies by hiring unique local talent from Serbia and to contribute components to some of Microsoft’s premiere and most innovative products. MDCS is becoming widely recognized across Microsoft as a center of excellence for the following domains: computational algebra engines, pattern recognition, object classification, computational geometry and core database systems. The common theme uniting all of the efforts within the development center is applied mathematics.

The MDCS’s team consists of software engineers with solid industry experience and fresh college graduates with a common trait – hunger for achieving and making a substantial impact. The team also boats with the highest concentration of champions in international mathematics and programming competitions such as Olympics, ACM and Imagine Cup.

Our teams are made of people who understand and support each other and work in the atmosphere where each and every one of us is presented with an opportunity to grow both professionally and personally.

If you are into computer science, engineering, math or natural sciences and looking into creating computer software, MDCS internship is a great place to start your career.

We are hiring talented and motivated Software Engineers who are passionate about researching, taking on new challenges, and solving deep technical problems. You have the opportunity to boost your career growth through working with the best engineers on the planet located in Serbia and around the world. For more information visit Microsoft Development Center Serbia website